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Since you deleted some of my old posts for no *********** good reason, here was the jist of my arguments:

Before server transfers:
200 dead servers.
2 semi-full servers.

After server transfers:
180 completely dead servers.
20 mostly dead servers.
2 semi-full servers.

Just let us transfer to whatever *********** server we want to, for free, and yes there will be much QQ-ing about queue times to actually get into those severs, but that kind of QQ-ing is GOOD QQ-ing. Then I will stop my whining about cross-server functionality (sorry I lied earlier about never talking about cross-server again but that post got deleted so whatever).
You might wanna calm down a little before throwing out accusations with no evidence. If they let you transfer to whatever you want, that server is going to have too high of a pop and you'll have to wait half an hour just to log in. You don't want that.
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Let's show them how Imperial Intelligence handles things! Pa-Chow!