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This Wednesday on May 22nd at 8pm Eastern I'm going to be doing a 2 hour live stream session to answer any questions players might have about GSF.
Really cool that you're doing this, but honestly the only question i have about GSF is the same 1 to the BioWare DEVS that i've had since it's inception: Why isn't there at least one PVE map and/or repeatable quest for GSF? (or at the very least allow us to fly around solo & explore the existing maps)

p.s. If i had a 2nd question, also to the Devs, it would be: Why aren't You BioWare doing a GSF Q & A session?

p.p.s. And then my 3rd question might be: If you are so under-staffed these days (totally understandable) then why not hire the OP Drakkolich ^^ to help design a PVE map/quest for the essentially ignored GSF?

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