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09.24.2019 , 03:00 PM | #55
All the previous rotations seem a bit flawed to me for concentration, u wanna barrage to proc burst (or dual saber throw) and always use slice before burst as slice buffs it also.

Donít waste zealous leap, or force exhaustion, use normal leap and zen, then slice, burst, now you have zealous leap and exhaustion to proc ur burst and get more hi dmg in, just a tip.

There are some good guides out there, just take a look on YouTube, Ragequitting (no affiliation) is awesome for explaining abilities for sent/mara with regards to pvp.

But yeah, Combat is fun and effective, people just play concentration for the passive cc immunity on crush, this is preferable for solo ranked I guess but get good with Combat and youíll be scaring sorcs off with the chunks you can carve outta their hp bar xd

Just practice n it will all come together!