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They are informed. Just because you lack knowledge to understant information doesn't mean information wasn't given.
Oh, so if I tell you something in german, you feel informed, just cause you got the info, even though you cannot read or understand it ?

Or how about kantonese ? Most people would even have a hard time reading the texts, much less understand the meaning.

Wenn ich hier einfach irgendwas schreibe, findest Du das völlig normal, die Information kommt ja rüber, auch wenn du kein Wort verstehst, was ich hier schreibe ? Eindrucksvoll.

In computer science you distinguish data and information. a whole text can be full of data, but have no information at all, as data only becomes information, when it is understandable.

And calling the localization an error is probably the most egocentric thing I have read in a while.
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