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Dear Leonalis,

Maybe this is a cultural divide, but, please lighten up.

Phillip's posts have been some of the more interesting, friendly, and overall fun yellow posts that I've seen on this forum since the early days. He's not a customer service representative. He's the security guy.
And once again I got to repeat myself... if this information is so important, that a security chief is explaining things on the forums, why is it not translated ?

This game is advertised and sold in three languages, not one. If you plan to make important changes on something like security measures, it is your responsibility to get a translated version of the info online on the same day as the original, unless of course, you are begging for all people, who are not able to fluently read english to leave, cause they get insecure over security matters and cannot read the explanation.

Or once again, don't be a MrYellowDuck and openly admit, that you are unable to translate single pages in a timely manner, and someone of the community will do.
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