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>>LightNaver: I think that Kaliyo (for Imperial agent, 1st companion) is a Tank. ^^

Quote: Originally Posted by Evolvana
As I said somewhere else, same-sex romances are more for heterosexual players who want to have fun

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Are you so amazingly ignorant that you think the only people who play games are heterosexual?
Are you so amazingly ignorant not to understand what I said at all? I mean a lot of people who want same-sex romances are heterosexuals, I didn't say that no homosexuals want that too. Of course they want, too.

But it would be stupid to think that this "same-sex romance" market is just for the homosexual customers/players, that's all. It interests a lot of heterosexuals too.

It was not the point of this topic, I don't want to start that kind of conversation again.

We were talking about female player romances.