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What is the difference between story, veteran and master mode, and which one is the easiest? I am so sick and tired of hard and almost impossible to beat enemies / bosses.
Most content (including class story missions) isn't affected by the mode setting on your character portrait.

That said, the "instanced" bits of KotFE and KotET chapters *do* follow it, and the general equivalence is:
* Story is easiest. Most Story Flashpoints are meant to be done with you and a companion and a God Bot ("Combat Support Droid") that joins to help out. Only the most recent four FPs (Umbara, Copero, Nathema, Meridian) don't have the God Bot in Story mode.
* Veteran is harder than Story, and Flashpoints in Veteran are balanced to be done by a group of four players in any role.
* Master is harder still, equivalent roughly to Hard Mode in Flashpoints and Nightmare Mode in Operations.
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