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I didn't read the skill tree close enough. If it isn't additive, then yeah, that makes it much less attractive.

3. is an unobtainable point, unfortunately. Unless there's something wrong with my math, there is simply no way to guarantee 100% stack uptime (even with perfect play!) if you don't have Wither.
I meant that you have to be better with the hybrid build then you have to be with the standard spec.
If you are just able to refresh Dark Protection a millisecond before it runs out in the wither spec, that's not enough to run the hybrid and to get a good significant uptime of Dark Protection there.

What i wanted to say is, that the hybrid is not allowing any mistakes in Rotation as even 1 single gcd missed = 1 gcd less with Dark Protection up. Therefore the hybrid requires a lot more skill actually .

The only boss i use a 33/11/2 build sometimes is nefra, it's the only boss that fulfills all the requirements if ithere's someone with the 5% damage reduction buff (no movement, no stealth rez possible, you get all the time damage and can (and should) vanish on cooldown, no Need for aoe threat....).

I tested both specs intensively on nefra 16 man hm with 1-4 healers and compared the damage profiles i took. Because of rng you can't really see differences in the logs tough, still the hybrid should take slightly less damage overall.
On the other hand the wither build is so insanely easy to play on nefra, while it's easy to do mistakes with the hybrid.
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