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Is it possible to have different set bonuses for pvp and pve?
That resulted in situations where PVP set bonuses were considered so horrible that PVE set bonuses were considered better. For some classes, it was worth it to take the expertise hit, even before bolster, because the disparity was so great. For example, pre 3.0, the sorc heal PVP bonuses were terribad and taking the PVE set bonus for 1.5 CD reduction on innervate was common. Healer sorcs without access to PVE set bonuses sometimes mixed other specs' set bonuses in search of a better bonus; for example, either borrowing the set bonus meant for Lightning to reduce lockout on Static Barrier, or even taking the assassins' 3-charge Recklessness bonus.

That's the situation that I"m most familiar with, as my main PVP toon is a sorc healer (and almost always has been, except for the time between 1.3-1.6), but there were other classes that took PVP set bonuses into PVE raids because the PVP bonuses were better, as well.

Standardization makes it much easier to balance, though I sympathize that it makes gameplay a little more dull. I wouldn't be opposed to having 2 set bonus options per spec instead of only 1--only I'd rather have both options available on PVE and PVP gear so people don't feel forced to cross over and do content they don't want--and in many cases aren't wanted by the other players doing said undesired content-- just to get a "better" bonus.
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