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I forget where I read it, but one of the most major issues is with something BioWare hasn't come right out and stated, but apparently believe internally:

They are perfectly ok having a business model where players take a break and then come back.

I can't remember where I read it, but I remember reading that this was an official BioWare/EA mindset regarding the game.

And without outwardly stating that, it leads to a disconnect, where players don't want to take that break, but instead want content to keep them here, but the developers are ok with players leaving, counting on them to come back when major updates occur.

Can't say I agree with the BioWare business model, but if their hands are tied, not much can be done. The thing with Final Fantasy and ESO is they are run by the companies that own the product. In SWTOR's case, EA is the owner, BioWare is the producer - so BioWare doesn't have the freedom to scale up production like the other 2 entities do.
I remember that, too. I believe Eric admitted it in a gold post a while ago. Not only do they know that the game gets gobbled up by quick-to-unsub locusts, but a lot of their planning for future content is catered to those people almost directly in opposition to the people who stick around between content releases.
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