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There is something I don't quite understand. You say that the game is way behind on some other games in releasing content. This is true and pretty much always has been true, so I'm definitely not disputing that.

But the point that other games bring out more content is irrelevant if that content is not enjoyable or you get bored with it more quickly. So my question to you, since you didn't quite explain that, what actually is the problem for you?

I mean, you've played the game for over 7 years. That's a long time. And what is causing you to come to this point now? Is it boredom? Or just the frustration that other games get more?

Realistically SWTOR had a terrible launch. About 80% of the population left in 3-6 months, double of what MMOs usually lose in that time period. Then it almost died and was resurrected with f2p and a cartel market that ended up being one of the worst lootbox gambling set-ups MMOs have seen and that for years really. Right from the first expansion it was clear that they could not match the expansion size of other MMOs and never did.

Now both FF XIV and ESO are doing a lot better than SWTOR. Admittedly they both failed initially but the difference is that those companies really did something about it whereas EA wasn't having that and BW was sticking their heads in the sand. Now, I do agree with you that there is something about SWTOR. It keeps bringing me back.

But when it comes to content releases SWTOR was never up to par and never will be. Is this just sinking in?

All in all, I get that other games get more content, but that by itself is not a reason to quit a game if you enjoy what it does put out. So I'm just trying to understand what brought you to this decision now I guess.
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