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02.15.2015 , 07:43 AM | #3
Next time I run the fights I will record my parses. I can tell you that my Juggernaut averages between 1400 and 1500 DTPS per fight (Master/Blaster not included, little guy hits like a damn truck). My record on Bulo was 1059 (achieved 867 with a Sorc healer one time). Distribution on PT's and Assassin's is mainly number-crunching at this point, will run them more thoroughly and update post when applicable.
Also: not intending to argue the way PT's work, well aware of the 3 schools of thought on that tank, but for me it seems to bring them more in line on fights like Underlurker where the main boss is Defense oriented. (Shrouded Crusader relic is incredibly OP during add phases of that fight).

*** Have been unable to test Cora/Revan due to obvious reasons.
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