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Sorry it wasn't to your tastes, but this is a case where the writers can't win.

See, most of us WANTED the Sith War back. All your KotFE/ET ideas you love crapped all over the vanilla story and drove away a TON of players who felt their personal class story just got crapped on for the last time.

So, YOU may not like it, but this was a course correct made on behalf of a LOT more people who don't share your opinion on revisiting the Republic-Sith War.
Wanting Imp vs Rep back is completly different from having a plot that is boring, banal and void of interesting ideas and turn of events. Don't try to confuse the two. Valkorion stuff in KOTFEET wasn't up my taste either but I recognize a ton of work that went into making it grand, suspenful, mysterious, unexpected etc. Going back to Imp vs Rep could've been the same. Malgus' return could've been presented in a new and exciting light. Nothing like that. Just because you're happy to get Imp vs Rep back doesn't mean we should all settle for such low-effort job on the writing part of it.

Quote: Originally Posted by ZionHalcyon View Post
But one thing they mentioned in the article in March for under the hood - they were working on the engine and DYN placements to allow them to push content out quicker. If they somehow have achieved this or are close to it, I can accept a smaller story for now in preparation for more content more often (meaning BioWare abandons their previously held business ideal of "people can leave and just come back when there is content" and instead work on getting regular content and story out), especially given the sheer number of systems overhauled in this update.

Make no mistake - this was a "groundwork" update that fundamentally changed a few systems. Now these systems can be fleshed out from here and built on, which hopefully means over the next year, the team can shift gears once the systems are "complete" to more content creation and less system overhaul.
And this part is just nothing but rose-colored wishful thinking. Past 3 years seen the least content the game ever got. AGING game. You do remember it's 8 years old now? And the population keeps getting smaller and smaller? Just as EA's interest in expanding it? You're making up excuses and unsubstained claims how we're gonna get so much more content so much faster now.
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