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Many percieved PvP imbalances are because of the crappy Hero engine. The engine is so CPU intensive that many peoples computers just can't run it fast enough to get the response they need in PvP. No offence to hardcore players but people who's lives revolve around their computers tend to have better computers. People who are casual tend to have worse machines. (This is not always true obviously). In near full champ gear I have been pwning battlemasters often since I upgraded my PC. For me this is just a fact. I have never been so good at PvP lol. Why? Because as I circle people it seem to take them to long to start fighting back. So while you might think I hit you once I really hit you like 5 times. The lack of combat logs doesnt help either. So there is no way of telling what kind of damage I really did to you. Combine this with a 12% advantage for Battlemasters and you get major QQ. The difference between full champ and battlemaster isnt big at all(sometimes its a slide backward). Add expertise pots and artifacts and champs should compete fine. It doesnt take long at all to get champ gear. See where I'm going?

If the game engine was better people would see this but as it is you need a heavy number crunching cpu like a i7 3930k to PvP with a good frame rate at all times.
Which is the problem. You shouldn't need a PC of that level to run this game at 60fps on high. It's an MMO ffs. The engine is a piece of **** no matter what CPU you have. My desktop and laptop are both sick and can run any game, MMO, shooter, rpg, whatever on ultra at 70-100fps...except this game.