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...... then you should let the game be completely. If you can create a char and even mark the romances etc. Why then play? I'm in favor of skipping Kotfe + Kotet. But then people should also live with what is given to them.
The issue is having to play it multiple times to get to the few significant parts. It's far too much, especially with the horrible mechanics they implemented to drag chapters on. It's a shame too, because the atmosphere and art used to create each of these chapters is awesome. I'd even have liked the Vaylin party chapter if they turn sprint on and allowed us to run whichever comp we wanted but switched to Theron for the cutscenes. But we don't have those.

So many things can help alleviate the issue and I don't think we should roll over and take the negatives with a half thought out feature such as skipping. We'd use the tokens to reach the content we want to play. Many of us already playing said toons who are of level or gear range to tackle harder content or picking up with a traditional Imp vs Pub story line. I don't understand why you think a half thought out implementation is what we should keep.
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I know your part of the "Forum Apologist Five" group but stop