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Like they gave Mandos their DCDs based on factual data? You don't know that anymore than anyone else. I'm betting they made the changes based on some arbitrary parameters they set, including feedback and bringing specs inline. For example, they took away the 30% damage reduced while stunned from all DPS specs, even though it does not affect all specs equally. Infiltration shadows will take a lot more damage than troopers, and serenity even more.

They also gave all tanks a 30% DR while stunned, even though (again) it doesn't affect them all equally. Vanguard tanks have more DR than either other tank spec, they'll basically laugh at any non-internal/elemental damage while stunned. Especially with their shield up.

I don't like this change, shadows are already the squishiest specs in the game. They rely on active cooldowns to survive, and they don't get them when they're stunned.
Sounds like a player problem, not a class problem. Again, they have stated they use internal data for changes, so it is very likely that the average player is playing their toon differently than you are, and changes were made based on class average data. Much more likely that you not fitting the average mold than them just pulling arbitrary numbers out of thin air. They have a job investment on the line if they're not using data that supports their changes.