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On MONDAYS, FCD is staffed by T7-01 and KHEM VAL.

T7-01: Today = educational reading // Khem Val = distribute reading-level-appropriate material
KHEM VAL hands BABY ELARA a thick binder.
BABY ELARA: The statutes relating to exports of cruciferous vegetables in the Alderaan sector? I've never seen this one!
T7-01: Senators = requested breakdown of what all this actually means // Senatorial staff = unable to help // this = totally incomprehensible, but legally binding
BABY ELARA: I'm on it.
KHEM VAL hands BABY ASHARA an ornate scroll.
BABY ASHARA: The Jedi Code? Again?
T7-01: Jedi Council = hopeful that Ashara will read it this time
BABY ASHARA: Uuurrg. Guys, I've got this. Really.
T7-01: Ashara = manifestly lying // Ashara's behavior = not very Jedi-like
BABY ASHARA: That's because you're all bossy stupid repetitive jerks!
T7-01: Ashara = be calm // Jedi = only peace
KHEM VAL: Bah. Tulak Hord always said peace is a lie.
T7-01: Khem Val = not helping
KHEM VAL hands BABY CORSO a picture book.
BABY CORSO: Yay! I liked the blaster catalog better, but this is okay, too!
KHEM VAL hands BABY QUINN a small slick datapad and BABY TALOS a stone tablet.
BABY TALOS: What is this?
KHEM VAL: Nobody knows, not even the ancient scholars of Yn and Chabosh. They say you might be able to decipher it.
KHEM VAL moves on. BABY TALOS examines the stone tablet.
BABY TALOS: Oh. Oh, I see. But this is easy! It's similar to the glyphs of the early Yellow Rakatans, which suggests its origin is in the Rohaus sector. Some of the syntax is far more similar to the conquered Eabat, though, and depending on the date of this tablet that may be a previously unsuspected cultural crossover...I believe this is a recipe for muffins.
BABY QUINN, looking up from the datapad that's displaying a prominent general's rebuttal to BABY QUINN's published treatise on tactics: Talos, I have never met someone who was so clever and so skilled at something so completely pointless. Have you ever considered turning your formidable mental faculties to something that anybody who matters actually cares about?
BABY TALOS: This matters!
BABY QUINN: Failed civilizations and pastries. Tell me again how this is going to win the war?
BABY TALOS bursts into tears and hugs his stone tablet tight.
T7-01: Quinn = stop bullying Talos
BABY QUINN: Bullying is the Imperial way, Mister Teeseven.
T7-01: Forced Companions = neutral territory // Quinn = get back to reading
BABY QUINN: Oh, that. I already read the general's arguments, considered them, formulated what I consider to be irrefutable counterarguments, and published the result to the relevant military journals.
BABY QUINN lays a hand on the datapad and looks self-satisfied.
T7-01: Quinn = always finishes academic assignments early and then stirs up trouble
BABY QUINN, smiling in a sinister manner: Only you Republic lackeys call it trouble. Consider it a fair challenge to your antiquated ideas.
T7-01: Quinn = oh so smart?
BABY QUINN: Well, yes.
T7-01: Quinn = the most efficient?
T7-01: Quinn = requires challenges suited to his superior faculties?
BABY QUINN: Yes, if you can manage.
T7-01: Quinn = help Elara sort out vegetable export regulations in the Alderaan sector
BABY QUINN: But...but those are Republic laws. With a dirty double-crossing Republic soldier.
T7-01: Quinn = consider it a challenge for his famed discipline and intelligence
BABY QUINN: This argument did not turn out the way I wanted it to.
T7-01: Quinn = walked right into it
BABY QUINN: I could probably have planned this better.
T7-01: Maybe Quinn = brag less in the future
KHEM VAL laughs.
KHEM VAL: You have a sense of humor, little droid.
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