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punctuation has little to do with the validity or strength of an argument.
Actually punctuation has a lot to do with the validity and strength of an argument because without punctuation it is often impossible to understand the point a person is trying to make. If people can't understand your argument then it has no strength and very little validity.

To address the op, scout ships die to other classes all the time you just need to work out how to counter them. Yes they are fast, yes they are hard to hit so find ways to work round that. If you take on a scout alone in a larger ship you will have a hard time hitting him so take him on with a wingman or lead him into the turrets of a satelite you control for extra dps. Another method is to get him playing a circling game, which makes him almost still, and have a gunship shoot him. Scouts can usually be one shotted by gunships.

If you use some thought and teamwork no ship class is overpowered.
(Apart from bombers apparently but I didn't try the PTS so I don't know.)