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03.31.2014 , 03:26 PM | #102
I like to thank the Devs for reaching out to us on warzone design the few cynical people that keep asking for this and that to be fixed first need to realize that not every one share there view on things. While asking for cross server que and bolster are pvp issue they do not belong in this thread. You just hurting the game acting like you are that being said.

A storm the castle warzone would be nice as well both teams have a NPC the team that kill the other team NPC first wins. Make it say 12v12 to be fun don't put laser and moving object in the warzone just a base maybe some static walkers to take a barrier down at each base that we fire laser from. Not a node that can be turned. But guns you right click on and fire. Once the enemy gate goes down you storm the base allow defending team players a spawn inside the base. so they can defend and kill the enemy NPC mean a win.