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07.11.2012 , 02:35 PM | #36
I'm one of those people who tanked and healed in warcraft, and used a ton of addons. I initially felt lost trying to do the same jobs in SWTOR but I've adapted. I know I'm not as fast on the heals as I was in warcraft when using vuhdu, but... I'M OKAY WITH THAT. I like that everyone has the same playing field and hope that mods aren't allowed in the future.

The thing that I'd like most is a better alert for dispellable debuffs. That is the biggest hole in my game right now (and would love for tips on how to spot them on raid and party frames). Ideally for me, the persons frame would get a bright red border if I could cleanse it.

Mouseover clicking on frames would be nice too, but not as important to me. It would free up precious bar space which would be its biggest benefit. As an op healer, I can't fit all the abilities I use, pvp & pve medpacs, relics and legacy abilities on my 4 bars, not to mention convenience things like quick travel.