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Though we don't have any news about allowing third-party interface addons, we'd definitely be interested to hear what functionality you feel is important to add to the current UI. Others have offered a few suggestions (thanks!), and it's helpful to us if you describe what you think is missing and let us know what we can do to improve the UI!
Before anything else: add more quick slot bars.

I'd say first check 1.2 and 1.3 PTS threads on UI feedback. There was some really nice inputs there, especially during 1.2 when UI customization was implemented.

Then move towards the suggestion forums:
Few much looked after features
  • Transfer of target: I target my tank :
    • Heal = heal tank
    • DPS = DPS tank target
  • Ability to move buff and debuffs in their own separate bars
  • Disable portraits, character name and level.

Want more?
Few posts I made on the pre-launch forums:

Quote: Originally Posted by deewe
I would ask BioWare to consider adding an option to have the subtitles and the dialog options displayed over a black background.

The black border around the typo is nice but it's not enough for all players.

Everyone doesn't have good eyes nor perfect lighting condition to be able to read easily.

I edited 2 pics as example of how it could be done.
1 Subtitle
2 Dialog options
(edit) Don't forget everyone is going to use subtitles for the alien V.O.
(edit II) [TiberiusNazamir]: Font scaling option

Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by deewe
Most of the time the ignore and anon features are poorly implemented. In social games, can we say the chat feature can't go without them?

How about the following?

  • Notes: we need to be able to set a note to remember why we ignored a character.
  • Timestamp: Timstamp the date of the ignore
  • Spatial Chat: (options) squelch, colorize, /ignored channel
  • Emotes: optional hide all emotes from them
  • Character visibility: optional hide them completely
  • LFG-LFG-groups: the character name should be in another color from any other ones.
  • Player ignore: optionally ignores all the characters from the same player

  • Login invisible: If you logged out with /anon activated no one shall be notified when you log back in.
  • Friends: you can check characters in your friend list not affected by /anon
  • Tell: /tell
    • I a player /tell you while on anon he will get a message saying you are offline
    • If you /tell to a player it will disable the anon for this player for this session only
Quote: Originally Posted by deewe
While there are quite a few very interesting threads about UI mods, there are none that specifically points at desired features or even examples of UI layouts.

The idea isn't to promote full automation and so ruin the game play, but to explain how you would like to be able to tweak the UI to fit your needs.

Let me start with an example:

< Description >
Depending on the character type I'm playing the maps is more or less useful. While for a "hunter" type I set my map at the bottom in the middle of the screen with hot keys around and chat tabs on the edge, for a regular character, the map usually ends either in a corner of the screen hidden most of the time; only brought into view with a hotkey/mouseover when needed.

After around 10 seconds of playing any MMO I look for a way to hide all unneeded buttons and features tied to it, like the +/- ones, the map enlarger, or the skin around the zone name.

Also depending on the action occurring: harvesting, traveling, fighting... some of the displayed information, while useful does not always apply. So it would be nice to be able to show/hide informations depending on the situation.

The idea is to keep the UI clean and prevent as much as possible the eyes from having constantly to move from one part of the screen to another.
  • Show / Hide / Move / Resize / Hot-Key toggle able
  • Different shapes: round, squared, rectangle, half round, triangle...
  • Ability to change the default skin, even the mini map arrow one.
  • Ability to show / hide the terrain display
  • Ability to hide features while in combat (nodes, terrain, vendors, etc...)
  • Ability to set mobs icon colors and shapes (especially useful for colorblind people)
  • Ability to select what kind of information to display (vendors, friendly, nodes...)
  • Show / Hide / Move default buttons like full map toggle, zoom in-out, zone location text (top, bottom, vertical on the side...)
  • Fixed map compass direction or rotate it option
  • Optional zoom in/out with mouse wheel while mouse overing on the map
  • Transparency options
  • Events triggering: hide out of combat without aggressive mobs in range, hide in combat,
    show on mouse over
  • Ability for classes that have a tracking feature to directly select mobs on the minimap and show a waypoint in game
  • Ability to create waypoints (and map notes) on the fly on the mini map also visible by the group mates.
  • Different Settings per character

Some more ideas:

< Description >
WAR system that lets you show / hide / resize anything on the fly is great still...

Rows or columns of buttons are things of the past. Working with separate buttons that you can assign to a group is the way to go. (Have fun neatly setting hot keys around the radar with bars....) Also having a button you can only use on very specific events sitting in the middle of the toolbar, so the screen, is a no no. Such buttons should only appear when available. For example in a neutral city all combat icons should be hidden. Why show hot keys you can't use? Keep it simple sexy!

When possible I stay away from the default bars that you stack one next to each other leaving the hotkeys in an unfriendly mess, with much room wasted by the original artwork. In that way the ideal feature was provided by FlexBar in WoW: 99 fully customizable individual buttons "minimizing unavailable button clutter".
  • Individual buttons, plenty of them
  • Custom size rows and columns tool bars
  • Move & resize individual buttons and bars separately
  • Individual transparency settings
  • Fade in/off feature
  • Custom borders and shapes, squared, round...
  • Ability to assign hot keys to show/hide specific bars or buttons.
  • Show / hide key mapping, individually for each bar or button.
  • Events that show / hide / highlight / resize buttons or bars: in/out of combat, crafting, HP / energy level, available skill, stance, mouse over...
  • Ability to virtually group individual buttons and bars and tie events to them
  • Icon spacing options for bars
  • Virtual gird to align bars and icons.
  • Cool downs options (settings by groups):
    • Fade off icons (cf.: Wow)
    • Display a cool down countdown over the icon (cf WoW OmniCC)
    • Circling border highlight (cf.: TOR)
    • Hide icon while unavailable (cf.: Flexbar)
    • Flashing icon when available
    • Reduce and/or enlarge icon when (un)available

< Description >
PC gamers usually have the luxury (vs consoles) to be able to remap functions to fit their habits. Although, most of the time, for obscure reasons, some features are left locked to specific keys/mouse buttons.

While we can understand the desire for the developers to have specific settings, these locked functionalities can become an hindrance for some people. This is especially true for mouse buttons.

Simply put, every functionality should be remappable to any key combination or mouse button. If a player wants to open the inventory with lets say a right mouse click and attack with a "CTRL + ALT + {" just let him do so.

Also for GM support and debugging, there is a need to be able to activate the default setting for all key and buttons without deleting any custom setting.

Finally, players should not be obliged to display icons on the screen to bind hot keys to them. Be it with (limited?) macros or whatever, there is a need to be able to bind a key or a button to any functionality. The best example is AoC directional attacks, usually 123QE. Why oblige players to display those key on the screen, while after like 10 min of playing, they know them by heart and don't need to see them anymore?

  • Any key and button mappable
  • Any functionality re-mappable
  • Switch back to default settings without deleting custom ones
  • Custom settings per character
  • Ability to export settings to copy/save them

The default system provided by most MMO is good for combat but starts showing its limits for exploration and becomes seriously limited for players that wants to record nice movies.

For example while players don't steer a lot with the mouse in combat, many of them do so when wandering around, much like as in an FPS game. Thing is, very few games provides a mouse look toggle (without having to keep a mouse button constantly down) or even a 1st/3rd camera view toggle. For some players being obliged to constantly keep a mouse button down while steering adds unwanted stress to their hands: carpal tunnel syndrome anyone?

Also some players like to have the camera set over the shoulder while others prefer to have it at their character eyes position.

Finally be it for filming or for players that have multi-screen display, it would be handy to be able to set the camera far off the character.
  • Zoom in/out
  • Pan / tilt / rotate
  • Camera elasticity setting
  • Zoom speed setting
  • 1st person / 3rd person view toggle
  • Record and recall a few camera settings
  • Ability to change camera settings upon events: ex: while entering/leaving combat, while using a mount/vehicle..
  • Ability to change the center of the camera related to the character in all 3 directions
    • Move it away or in front of the character
    • Move it from the center of the character to the left or the right
    • Move it above the character or down to its feet

[Windowed and/or Multi screen mode]
< Description >
Having only one screen hooked to a computer becomes more and more a thing of the past.

People, play MMOs while browsing the web and managing their iTune player, or even having the game enlarged through 2+ monitors.

There's need for lovin' for managing the display conveniently and efficiently
  • Different resolutions & graphic set ups for windowed and full screen mode
  • Hot key function to switch between windowed and full screen
  • Different UI setting, size & position in full screen and windowed mode
  • In windowed mode, ability so set any UI elements off the main game window (cf: photo retouching softwares)
  • Ability to choose were to draw the character/set the camera center among multiple screens.
  • Ability to set the relative position of one screen to the other(s).

[No UI mode]
< Description >
Many explorers type of players would like to be able to spend most of their time without any UI being shown.

Although even if all MMO allow them to hide all the UI with a hot key, none provides ways to minimize the UI being shown.

In that way there are mainly two features needed, three if you consider multiple screen support.
  • Show/ hide specific UI parts with player chosen events:
    • On/off combat
    • Vital bars full/not
    • Aggroed/not
    • Possible ennemy in range
    • Cool down completed
    • Buff fading out
    • Usable ability/not
  • Bind any UI element to a player chosen hot key to show/hide it
  • [Windowed and/or Multi screen mode]: In windowed mode, ability so set any UI elements off the main game window (cf: photo retouching softwares)
  • [Key_Bindings]: Ability to trigger skills, function and so without needing to set them to into hot bars or be able to hide these hotbars.
  • Only see opponents or group/raid mates bars while actively engaged in combat or selecting a mob.
  • Optional colored targeting ring
Quote: Originally Posted by deewe
We know there will be an economy and an AH feature has been confirmed at e3.

How about gathering all your thoughts on the subject here for the devs eyes?


More than a simple AH like WoW it would be interesting to have either a proxy bid system or an auto incremental one like ebay.

Personallized filters are a must to have as well as selectable sorting orders.

Having the possibility to save personalized searches would help.

A nice to have would be the ability to (shift?) click on an item automatically removing all identical object from the results. Same for categories, rarity, seller... in fact make all parameters toggleable.

Favorite and to be avoided sellers tags/list would help

Both for sellers and buyers it would be really interesting if a seller can put stacks of identical items with a per unit price and the seller can choose as many as they want.

For the sellers a wanted AH part would help a lot. So a player can set what item they want and pay how much they are willing to pay for it. A seller could then lock the auction, drop the item and get the money.

Automatic statistics would be great. Aren't we in a sci-fi world? For each item it would be nice to have the medium price, the standard deviation and the median for the last 1-2 month(s) only, as longer does not really help.

Browsing the AH should be available from more than AH terminals. It should be available from houses, space ships and why not personal portable computers.

Items would be either picked up at the AH or for a fee delivered to your mail box: apartment/housing/space ship.

Top of that it would be really nice to be able to rent specific droids that would take your objects and delivers them to the AH from far far away... the joy of modern era! Letting you post auctions from anywhere without any hassle but a money sink.
Quote: Originally Posted by deewe
[Parental control]

Time schedule
Played time stats
Pool of play time
Per session / day / week / month
all characters owned by the account holder
prevent grouping with all the ignored characters (and so players)
Profanity filter toggle
Personal profanity filter dictionary
Chat log and email to parental email
If parent and child on, ability to CC the parents of all incoming and outgoing chat in a specific channel
Before leaving there are 2 things that would really help a lot:

The first being implementing a mouse look hot-key toggle.
.......For some people that keeps steering in mouse look mode, keeping constantly the mouse button down while wandering around hurts our hands during medium-long duration game play sessions.

The second being the choice of fonts.
.......SWTOR font is a bit too bold and as such isn't easy to read. What would be great is to allow players to change the in game font to a client side one. Or at worse propose a choice of a few different ones.
Ex: I seldom read the codex after 1h of game play because it makes my eyes bleed.

I'd be happy to answer to any questions you have
[HOW_TO] Mouse look toogle