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06.12.2012 , 07:26 AM | #14
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I just re subbed to the game to find out that there's only 10 servers available to transfer from?
My server (Dreshdae Cantina) is dead and I gotta spend what could be another week or month maybe even 2..3..hell who knows how long before I can get off the pile of rubbish server I am on?
I know they will introduce more servers to the list but me and my friends resubbed yesterday because we expected a little more than only 10 servers to be available out of the 100+ there is.

Merge the dam servers if you want this game to retain its customers BW!
may I ask why didn't you just wait till you know what servers were going to be allowed to transfer to first? It's hardly BW fault you subbed before the list was out,so not point in having a go about it really.