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So is this only for pre-60 pvp? I read it a few times and just want to be sure I understand it correctly. I've not played this in a awhile.
It is for pre 60.. but it is also relevant while you are obtaining your LVL 60 pvp gear...
Even at LVL 60 the stats will not be far off exhumed gear... Of course you will be missing the relics and the set bonus...
But it is definately better than people wearing higher LVL gear than 162... Which will reduce your expertise

I saw people yesterday running with 192 gear while trying to get their pvp gear... They had about 1000 expertise and lost us 2 Arenas and more WZs because of it... Same class for class I did 3-4 times as much damage and took heaps more damage... They were so squishy they died quickly

I equate wearing gear that gives you low expertise as getting smashed like a ripe tomato and hitting like a baby
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