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The yellowish area click things donít even bother me anymore. Takes me like 15 seconds to find them all and move on; when Onslaught came out it took me 10 minutes.

Mek-Shaís level design is good IMO. Itís a small abandoned port that was changed to become a home to pirates, smugglers, slavers, and all walks of life. In that aspect it does good. The disorganized area layout, tight corridors, all roads leading back to the cantina. Connected by bridges and kept alive by a small skeleton crew. PvP there was fun, youíd basically turn a corridor and run into someone who was equally surprised to see you.

Most of this post is just unjustified complaining, The Height of Corporate Responsibility isnít even a main storyline and can basically be ignored unless you are a completionist. The quest doesnít even give anything good but good dialogue.
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