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10.05.2017 , 09:33 PM | #18
I was not suggesting that those numbers had anything to do with the initial decision. Merely responding to some comments made in the thread.

As for the various special interest groups, they are something of a blight on society in my opinion. The vast majority of people are comfortable enough in their sexual orientation that no game, movie, book or other media source will have any impact on them. Extremists of any stripe are best ignored or else sequestered away for the greater good of society...but as that is not an option in a mass media world corporations are financially justified in taking measures to protect their desired projected images. Though I wish that such was not necessary.

Personally, I would rather companies put in as many options as possible to appeal to the widest range of customers possible. Take me for instance (fishing preferably)... I play both male and female characters. I would rather romance a female character either way than a male character if I were to delve into that aspect of the game (not really my thing, I like killing stuff and messing around with crafting[while not making much profit]). Thus, personally, I would rather all romance-able characters be available to all player characters, without regard to the sex of the player character. So I agree with you on that point.

Again, my post was not to justify what was done or to give reasons for why. It was solely to address some points raised in the thread.
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