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Are you sure? If we're just looking at the original companions, we can rule out them being gay or lesbian because of their clear opposite-sex attraction. With the only options being het or bi, it is not statistically ridiculous for all 19 to be heterosexual (according to my understanding of the demographics of sexual orientation). This isn't at all to say there's anything wrong with Bioware's new approach of making non-class romances 100% bi. Whether something's statistically likely isn't necessarily the best measure of whether it's good for an RPG. I am just taking issue with your statistical claim re class companions.
well that's the thing, is that het & bi arent the only sexualities out there! and that's not even looking at romantic orientation
to be able to put 19 people in a room together & say they're all heterosexual heteroromantic seems a bit of a stretch to me; there are a lot more lgbtqia+ folks out there than most people realize because theyre questioning/closeted. so i totally get what youre saying! but from my perspective for 19 random people to all be het is a bit funny aha