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I think you are tracking the wrong information. Don't track your overall money, track the cost of the missions, the reward and the difference. This is what I have been doing for the last week and I have consistently lost money on the lockbox missions.
This is either a blatant lie or you are the unluckiest person alive.

I tracked 20 missions (4 per companion, excluding Doc because I was using him) apiece for the past 3 nights and have averaged ~32k credit gain each night, and that's ignoring the sales of mission schematics which on my server added around another 20k per night.

Sure, it's nowhere near as lucrative as selling Mandalorian Iron right now on my server, but you can't harvest nodes with Underworld Trading.
If I were to add the credits that I gathered from nodes each night while questing while my companions were out on Credit Box missions, it would be a lot closer.