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those other can absolutly can and do return a loss.

Sometimes they fail completly sometimes they come back with very little.

Slicing is no diff. Could it use a shot in the arm, sure but no more then the others. T.Hunting is WAY WAY WAY more random and loss possible than slicing.

ie) I can send out for 1.5-2k and come back with a green item that sells for half of that. GTH? lol like Ima bother puting a green quality item on there. However I do find blue items, and relics(they sell ok on GTH) and the very very rare purple usually way lower than my current level possibly useful on an alts companion for a couple/few low levels (big whoop).

PS if you wanna make money right now. pick up bioanalysis and hunt for nodes. its hard NOT to sell bio mats for top dollar right now.

The difference is with TH you have other options than just lockbox missions. You can do gemstone missions or companion gifts. Gemstones can sell for big $$. Slicing only has lockboxes that are more fail than anything else and augments. TH has choices.
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