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01.31.2012 , 12:02 PM | #362
I'm Slicing 400 and did 20 missions at each of the top 4 levels as a test this weekend. I used two companions that had no (C2) or very little affection. In those 80 missions, I got no failures. I have to assume that is an aberration and obviously it would have a tremendous effect on the return rates below.

At each level but the top, I got average return rates of 25-35% and I got mission rewards in 20-25% of the missions (4-5 out of 20). At the top, I only got 1 mission and ca. 17% return rate.

Note that this doesn't count all the money that I just find laying on the ground via Slicing. Given this and that there is absolutely no time or risk involved in sending my people on missions, this seems to be a highly profitable, very low risk enterprise that I'm more than happy to continue. It has already bought speeders for all three of my characters and funds the diplomacy and underworld trading of the other two with a lot left over.