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I disagree with removing companions from PVP instance. It provides for a different form of PVP that we don't get in WZ. It needs different tactics so its becomes fun in its own way. Certainly it changes the balance. but that's not a bad thing. You were fighting a Shadow Tank there, and any tank class is going to be top of the tree in Open world because they can protect their companion.

For example: I main a Guardian skank 258, and I was attacked by a 258 Sniper while I was in the middle of a mob fight. 1v1 in a WZ environment, or in a duel outside of WZ, this is a battle I would lose. The sniper would push me away, root me and slow me down. Whenever I get close they would roll. Even with all my utilities set to cleanse and give me speed, its near impossible to beat a good sniper for my skank. But.... in open world, different matter. They can push me away and I jump back to their companion. They focus my healing companion, and never make a dent in her health, because with guard, taunts and guardian leap I can absorb too much of the sniper's damage output. I can protect my healer while still doing enough damage to take their companion down. After that if they aren't a stealth class, its short work of finishing them off.

Does this make me near impossible to beat in Open world with companions, yes. Is that a bad thing? No. If you remove companions from Open World then you end up with the same balance that WZ and 1v1 has. At least right now we have something different. Suffice to say if you go into open world, go in knowing that Skank tanks are King, just the same as when you go into WZ and you know that Scoundrels / Operatives are King. Its just different. So if you see a Shadow or Guardian with guard already on his companion in Open World, Its probably best not to attack. Just the same as you wouldn't bother with an Operative in WZ if you saw them alone and can't call in help.
You make a valid point. I didn't take into account what stance he/she was in. I just assumed since he/she stealth into the this fight that he/she was just a regular DPS. To be honest I didn't know the "Tank" class were this formidable (haven't played much)....thanks for the feedback....