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8 man
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Farming Components> - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Failure> Group Emerald - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Failure> Group Amethyst - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - Team Mango - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Better Now> - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Origin> - Star Forge
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Infinitas> Team Gold - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - LSD/Carried You - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Team Exposed> - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Ordinance> - Star Forge
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Fix the Frames> Healthy Meatbags - Star Forge
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Raidbull> - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - Team Toxic Jawas - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Berserk> - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Seven Stuck> - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Fortitude> - Star Forge
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Lit> Vitamin Reee - Star Forge
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Elitist> - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <The Roommates> - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Run'Away> Team Last Pull - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - Team Mad - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Kraken> - The Leviathan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Failure> Group Sapphire - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Neidmeer> - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <One Eighth> - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Your Companion> - Star Forge
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Aeterna Vigilantia> - Star Forge
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <The Big Jedi Theory> Jawa-Squad - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Textbook Execution> - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Apex> - The Leviathan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Apply May Cry> - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Lightning Masters> #tanklivesmatter - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Set Sail For Fail> - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Gizka> - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <les chiens de midgard> - The Leviathan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <For the Republic> Blau - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Escape From Reality> LF1M
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Lightning Masters> World Last - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Syndicate of the Dark Star> Team AFK - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Paramount> - Satele Shan

16 man
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - Fragile EU Ego <Mango + Farming Components> - Darth Malgus
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Failure> Team USA - Satele Shan
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Better Now> - Tulak Hord
[Tyth] [A&E] [Nahut] [Scyva] [Izax] [Timed] - <Lit> Team God Squad - Star Forge

Posting Rules
Please provide a screenshot showing ;
- The dead boss/Loot box with the raid team
- The phase difficulty
- The time and date as shown by
- Achievements from the raid members(A majority of the raid should be getting new achievements for a valid kill. This may require multiple screenshots for multi-guild clears, providing an initial one and extras later is fine).
-Include your raid team name and (if you wish) server and faction.

Exploits will not be tolerated.
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