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Anyone know what's going on with Prepaid subscriptions? I went to Amazon to purchase a 60-day prepaid digital code and noticed that the only digital code currently available is the 90-day code. anyone else in any other region seeing this? while I'm on the subject of subscriptions, I know that it was brought up in the livestream about possible subscriber incentives over the summer. has anyone seen or read anything further on this other than getting the nautolan species?
I couldn't say why Amazon don't have the 60 day codes, but you can still buy them directly on the SWTOR website.

From what I recall, the Nautolan species is going to arrive, probably as a CM unlock like Cathar or Togruta, with 6.0. I don't believe it will be a subscriber incentive. (Can you imagine the howls of ... something ... if it's a time-limited subscriber perk like Nico / Shae / HK / Shroud of Memory ??? Not pretty.)
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