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01.15.2012 , 02:49 PM | #26
Hello there,

This thread has run its course and starting to derail into a flamewar. As a gentle reminder to everyone, please remember the following:
  • Insults - Please do not resort to or use them in any way in your posts. Posts should be productive, not destructive.
  • Trolling - Please do not post messages that are purposefully designed to provoke, antagonize, or otherwise elicit a negative emotional response.
  • Agree to Disagree - Be respectful of others' viewpoints even if they are opposite of your own. Discuss disagreements constructively.
  • Flag, Don't Fight - Utilize the Flag Post feature to report possible rules violations, rather than responding to or fighting them.
  • Ignoring - If you feel you simply cannot get along with another community member, please place them on your ignore list.

Thank you! At this point the dicussion has changed towards the trouble with grouping, please use this thread to discuss group tools and Dungeon Finders, we will be closing this current thread.