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Servers show Light at off peak times. Check the European servers during European peak times and every server is Standard or higher. Same with US servers.

Regardless suggesting server merges is beyond stupid. Specially this early in the game's life cycle. Even if servers are truly "dead" server merges will not happen. Server merges only generate negative publicity for a game and give the impression, true or not, that the game is dying. Unless, EA/Bioware is close to pulling the plug on the game, merging servers will not happen.

Edit: Right now, at 3:01pm eastern time in the US, every US server shows Standard or better. Check in the middle of the night here and you will see every European server show the same. There's plenty of people, maybe they just don't wanna play with you. Based on your impatient attitude here, don't blame them.

Edit2: Actually every European server shows Standard or better too.
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