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Not at all. I think you're behind the leveling curve, and no server will be any different. I would assume at this point, most people are done with leveling, and thus grinding 50 gear.

As for moving your character, you're only 38, thats a few days of playing. I don't think BW will be introducing character transfers any time soon.

If you are looking for a specific FP, i recommend looking for a group from the fleet. More chance of finding a group there than on a planet.
In that " a few days of playing" i could grind my pvp gear as well.

Nobody wants to waste his time. We all want output for what we do.

I am 38. And i only quested untill this level.. There are flashpoints which i have never been even. Like Mandolorian for example. I couldnt find any group for it.

And that "who" list doesnt work. People do not even look at it. Maybe they dont know.

I wrote my information to there and wandered in fleet like half an hour and i didnt get any invitation.

This server is nothing more than a ghost town.