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12.29.2017 , 10:48 PM | #3
You never need to use cover pulse or shield probe in a parse and it is slowing down your rotation every time you are doing that so don't use those. The small delays each time add up to a big difference.
Cover Pulse is used to get the instant Lethal Shot via the Stroke of Genius utility. I thought that it'd help the dps due to the reduction in GCD. The shield probe is habit (when I activate cover, muscle memory activates shield. I'll try to nerf my use of shield.)

2nd thing is always use weakening blast on cooldown right before every other cull. You are using it before every 3rd cull after dots and WB does a lot of damage so delaying that not only hurts energy because of its cheap cost but you are also losing out on a lot of damage.
Previously, I was using Weakening Blast on CD. But I had my hotbar set up such that I would forget to reapply my Dart and Grenade for a few CD's. Or, I'd over apply them. Also, on the 3rd parse, you'll notice Weakening used every other Cull which should be its CD. I'll readjust my hotbar again and give it a whirl.

This being said, even when I was Weakening on CD my DPS was not much different else I wouldn't have switched it. Moreover, I don't know if that would account for a roughly 1k drop in dps. As you have one of the top parses is there more fundamental that im missing?

Like I said, I'll take your advice and see how it looks. I appreciate your response.

Edit: I parse for roughly 45 min this morning. Here's the best one: 1865 Alac, 1476 Crit, 765 Acc

In many I was running out of energy.