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12.29.2017 , 12:45 PM | #1
Before the change to Lethal Purpose I had a good set-up, good rotation, etc. I was able to get in the top 20 on a 2.5mil parse on Parsely. Now; however, I can't get past 9k on a good RNG. I need help. At first I was having issues with energy management (and to a point I still am), but it's better. I parsed for four hours yesterday and for 2 so far today. My best parse was a 9.2k but I couldn't recreate it or get within 300dps. I don't want the top parse...I just want to be in the running (9.5kish range). My gear is 247.5 (246 boots and relic and 2 armorings) all set-piece and I've adjusted numbers anywhere from Bant's to the 2nd GCD threshold and all augments are 236. Here are my parses. You're my Obi-Wan (my only hope).