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It's not about wanting to PVP or not wanting to. It clearly does not make sense in terms of what STAR WARS is about. Have you seen a single episode when Empire decided to just hang out with republic and be best friends? This is not WOW where Horde and Alliance joins up to gang up a common enemy ( story wise) in PVP you can choose if you want to fight for the other side to speed up q's! I know that you are probably used to that because of WOW. It makes no sense story wise. There have to be boundaries and not some free for all.
So, instead, you’d rather have your meta of pvp be Imp vs Imp every match and pvpers on the rep side would never get to play.

If you don’t have mixed sides, you have no pvp. So what would you rather, some RP of what star wars should be or some actual pvp? Because you can’t have both. And remember, you won’t get any RP if there is no pvp to start with.

We would all like balanced factions and the ability to have Imp vs rep, but the reality is there aren’t enough players anymore for that to work.

So you have a choice, live with this compromise or go play another game with pvp that has two distinct factions.