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TBH I'm not interested in learning about how to build a ship, I just want to fly about and have fun shooting things and being shot at. All the tactical/strategy nuances are for dedicated players. I'm a casual player who just wants 10 mins of fun flying about. I'm sure all the veterans will shout noob etc, but TBH I'd rather be good at my job in RL than an expert at a game - i dont get paid to play this. I play to relax and have a bit of fun, which seems incompatible with the OMG you must study this and play 5 hours a day of SWTOR is pointless attitude. I log on play for an hour then do something else.
Tactics and strategy are for everyone. Playing against people who are so much more advanced that it's not even funny is... not.

There's nothing wrong with the tactical depth of the game. I'm betting the issue is that you and most other newbies have is that your teams are full of dead weight (either farmers or complete newbies), and the other team is full of people who at least know how to lock a protorp or aim a railgun. I can beat most of the pubs on Satele Shan 1v1.5/2, but that's because I've spent literally months practicing, and they... mostly play against the imps we got from Shadowlands.

My guild used to run premades a lot. There was another guild which also did this, but they only ever flew bombers and tended to die horribly in TDM. We basically fell apart and stopped flying as a group, and they... learned to fly stuff besides bombers?