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Don't get too excited though.

You're aiming yourself for disappointment haha - forgot who exactly it was, but one of the people mentioned in the video on that article has a track record of having anything he's involved with canceled after 2 seasons haha.

But yeah, I flat out knew how the game was for laughs and book was for the real story, but you see people screaming like Galan was the worst thing to hit Star Wars since the Ep 1 version of Jar Jar.


I'm interested to see how the concept art for the OT will be implemented into SW:R, we saw tie fighters are going to be in it obviously already.
Yes...must keep a level head and not get over hyped. I just really have wanted to see some early GCW action. XD

Oh, oh another thought that would be awesome! They could have the Clone Rebellion on Kamino, and we see the Empire come in and take em all out...would be an interesting throwback to BF 2.
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