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" get the best gear for doing nothing". Completely false, as i pointed out before. The vertical progression is the easy part, the hard part comes after with getting the best augments, the best mods/enhancements, amps, set bonuses and tacticals. Easy for you cause maybe you exploited that credit box?

It's selfishness of the highest degree. What do you lose for letting other people have gear progression? Why do you think Operations should be the only challenge in the game and why do you think that dedication to a task can't yield rewards either? You think you are the only one entitled to progression and it can only happen in the way you want it to. Operations aren't even the hardest content in the game. PvP is. And in PvP you need the best gear or you get wrecked. But you want to do your operations and then come wreck other people in PvP cause reasons right? Or take your better gear and flex your e-peen? Skill determines your e-peen and wether you win fights at some point with this gear system. That is the way it should be. Besides, it's always been ridiculous for the hardest content to drop the hardest gear, because what will you need that gear for? You already beat the highest challenge, you obviously don't need it.

Take that entitlement to someone that cares. You want to do ops for your gear, go right ahead. You have that option. You don't have the option to deny others so you feel better about running them. This is not in fact hurting the game at all. It is engaging more people with the gearing system and progression, not forcing anyone into just one gameplay type they may not be looking to do. Instead it lets them focus on fun, on doing what they want and still have a progression path.
For you it has to be the exclusive ops power carrot or no deal. It is utterly close minded. No one is stopping you from playing the way you want, what entitles you to do that for other people? If you don't want to play for fun, then don't play. It means you were forcing yourself in order to get the carrot. I don't think you are a majority of any kind on this. Honestly, not even happy to have exclusive gear on Dxun, you need to have full exclusivity on gear. Honestly...
As i said before the reason for you to get the best gear for doing nothing because you get it for bloody everything, beat a boss in a vet flash point heres 5 rng pieces of loot, beat a ops boss 5 pieces of the same loot, MM flashpoint 5 pieces of loot. You say i'm close minded and no one is stopping me from playing the way i want well guess what mate i can turn that right around no one was stopping you playing the way you wanted and again what does not having the best gear do to you nothing what did it do to me again nothing but you do know that ops wasn't the only way to get good gear was right? Crafters could RE mods and all that and learn the recipe and craft that gear and sell it so if you wanted the gear and didn't raid then you could of gotten it from the GTN or you could get the slightly less good crystal vender pieces instead and just transfer those to your old sets.

What do i get for letting other people get good loot nothing and i'm not saying REEEEEE THATS MY GOOD LOOT NOOOOOOOOES YOU CAN'T HAS IT, i don't give a rats *** what your gear is and i never did and if you read what i typed i only care about the health of the game long term and the OPS community, i don't do rated PvP anymore so i can't talk about that side of things but i can say that he OPS side is hurting, alot of people have left because their is no room for growth this everything scales and drops the same gear has killed alot of drive for people because other then Dxun their is nothing really new or worth doing with your guild over a pickup group and even pickup groups have changed.

It went from a place of wanting to actively learn how to do the OPS and learn your class to a place were it feels almost like their is always that 1 person that just wants to sabotageing the runs i've had about 3 groups that did that just this week, This game needs to sort it self out and tell everyone what it wants to be because as long as it keeps being this middle ground people will keep complaining, do i think everyone should progress yes and everyone has always had a path to progression be it OPS for the stright loot, PvP for their Expertise gear or even flashpoints and weekly quests for their vender crystals that gave nearly just as good gear as the OPS counterpart everyone had a path of progression and now their is no path of progression they are all just lumpped togeather, Could this be the best thing to happen to the game? Honestly i don't know i'm just hoping this doesn't have the same effect that WoW had when they opened M+ were it just damn well killed the Raiding side of things for most players because that is what i'm seeing now in this game that OPS is something that most players have just turned their noses up at because why do that when i can just do Red Reaper MM solo in less then 10mins and before you ask look it up people are doing this and it is insane.

Will you read this prob not because you seem to just lump me in with the closed minded ******s that just don't want to give out their shiny toys guess what you want them you can bloody have them i never gave 2 craps about keeping them exclusive you know how i said people used to help in the premade OPS groups yeah well i was one of them i helped alot of people learn the fights and their classes and i liked doing it, it helped people learn the OPS so hopefully they would do more which they did weekly even if it was just GF and people learned their classes which was good alround now you try and help people and most of them either just ignore you or tell you off, I love this game and want the best for it i just don't think this is the best way to do because all it ends up doing is funneling everyone to flashpoints which is what i see EVERYONE doing and you can just do it 24/7 if you have the time speeding up gearing way to fast.

Edit: also yeah no duh of course we play games to have fun but at the same time again we have challanges put in that we have to overcome to win, do we have to do them all no and me and meny others enjoy overcoming these challanges are they for everyone no but again they don't have to do it but at the same time the rewards for doing them is then outta reach for those people.