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Man i'm trying to help this class, and just so you know i'm an healer, i couldn't be more unbiased in this matter.
You are not going to obtain anything with unreasonable requests.
Well you are probably not going to obtain anything even with reasonable ones, but there is still a glimmer of hope .

Having such a skill on a 9 sec cooldown is too much, no matter how you look at it. Now if you were to give commandos a skill with a 45 sec cd that makes the next stock strike have those effects then we can get somewhere.
45s cooldown? not sure if serious.

Mercs would be *required* to be within melee range to get the effect of Run and Gun. which means they are coming under attack from at least one, possibly multiple melee opponents. the knock-back effect would only be available to the Arsenal spec which, even with all the changes i suggested, would be a sub-par PvP spec to Pyrotech.

do you not play a merc? while i appreciate your opinion, if you have not played a Merc at high-level end game PvP, you do not really understand what the problems with the class are. its performance against bad pugs is irrelevant; that is not how you balance a game. you balance a game based on the highest level of play, where the balance is actually important and highly visible.

i have to play at an obnoxiously high skill level in order to compete with even bad FOTM players.

and ive said this multiple times: damage output does not suddenly magnify when casted abilities activate instantly. the difference is Merc would actually be able to use those abilities when they are having lightsabers inserted into their rectum.
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