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I'm a little unclear as to whether these amplifiers are a temporary addition that wear off after a period of time or something that is afixed to a mod or shell permanently.

As someone who crafts and also likes to participate in competitive play in the best gear I can at the same time am I going to be able to swap between amps easily and without cost or have I got it alll wrong?
Its a extra stat/boost that is added to your piece of gear, and also mods. (enhancements and armorings as well.) So take for example your bracers. They can have 3 amps on at once, or with chest piece there will be 4, or with earpiece there is only one. They can all be the same or different, based on the RNG system that gives them.

I know a lot of people have no clue what this game is, but the mobile game of Sword Art Online Integral Factor, has this on weapons and gear. When you craft a item, it has a chance of giving a boost, +1-10 attack, +1-10 defense, +1-10 evade, ect ect. Basically same thing here, but the amps are not limited to just stats, exp and gathering boosts as well. And each shell and mod (enhancements and armorings) will have a potential for a amp bonus added to it.
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