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Hello fellow SWTOR Players, and citizens of Prophecy of the Five!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nayx. I am a veteran SWTOR player, and a long-time Star Wars fan. A little history about who I am...

I began my gaming career like a lot of kids in my age group (Currently 27), playing Mario/Duck Hunter on my Nintendo. As the years progressed, so too did my gaming! In 2003 I began playing Star Wars Galaxies, where I met a man who would become not only a guild leader to me, but a good friend. In 2005, when SWG underwent a massive engine change, my guild fell into shambles. I found myself following Ravix into AEGIS, and then across many games to follow the next seven years.

About No Dice:

Dice was constructed from the remnants of a few guilds, both PvE and PvP. The back story however is much longer.

In the early days of SWG where most of the core members met, there were the guilds TXF and FEDX. Both guilds with similar leadership and recruitment styles. Eventually, although of the same faction, we became fierce rivals. In our prime, both TXF and FEDX could easily field over 100 members any time of the day. Even as competitive as we were, both guilds became dominant forces. With no one able stand against us, TXF eventually dissolved; the bulk of their members forming AEGIS. AEGIS became a monster. With what has been called the fastest guild build up in SWG history, gaining roughly 200 members in under 4 hours. Soon after, we sent war requests to every guild on the server.
Hell hath been unleashed.

"No Dice was created in the way we do all things. In the midst of a huge war. -Bobthegreat
The largest enemy guild accepted the war request. With only 20 of us online, we confronted their 40 50 members in what may be the most infamous day in AEGIS history. With fewer than 15 of us in Theed and the quick thinking of a Teir founder, we CRUSHED their massive army while HUGELY outnumbered. The guild swiftly went on to crush any and all opposition to later be dubbed the guild destroyer.

Eventually all of the old members started to quit SWG, and what would become our gaming community was formed. Jumping from game to game killing people in our usual fashion.

At first, we went to Planetside. As servers became scarce, we tried WoW, and played SWG again. From there, many of us went on to LOTRO and Conan. (We played about 100 free games in between titles.) We played a good deal of Lineage 2, and then moved into diffrent aspects of gaming. A few of us broke into FPSs, and a few of us broke into new games coming out. Warhammer online was one of the major ones, as was AION. We played startrek online, and a huge amount of League of Legends. A few of us broke into games like WoT and Navyfield. (some of us still play those games.)

We eventually came to play SWTOR online, and were highly disappointed after 3 months of gameplay to find no real end game PVP content. We are now playing League of Legends, Tera online, Diablo III, World of Tanks and other games in anticipation of Guild wars 2.

After much disappointment with Guild Wars 2, a few of us have returned with high hopes for SWTOR. Which brings me to our next point...

NO DICE and You:

So what are we looking for? Simple...we are looking for dedicated players to join our ranks. No, this is not a guild recruitment post. This is a COMMUNITY recruitment post. Currently, No Dice SWTOR players are trying to rebuild No Dice. Many of us are having to re-roll brand new characters, or re-gearing our old level 50s. We're looking for players of the same value to join our guild. If this CANNOT be achieved, then we present another offer. No Dice would like to invite ANY and ALL Republic and/or Sith guilds interested in being a part of a larger community to look into joining the No Dice family.

No, you will not give up your guild. Yes, your command structure will remain YOUR structure for SWTOR. We just simply wish to offer a few extra soldiers for your masses.

Either way, No Dice is excited to finally present itself as a member of the SWTOR Community, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

If interested in joining No Dice, either as a guild or as a community network, please go to our website ( ). Here you can find our MUMBLE information. Simply log on, and let us know who you are and what you're wanting to do. Or you can simply reply to this thread, or send me a private message. Thank you for your time, and as always...

-May the Force be with you