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02.02.2012 , 11:41 AM | #140
So does this make BM tokens harder to get? The BM tokens are on a RNG system as well.
no it does not. as the patch notes say it only affects the champion gear tokens.

The number of commendations in Champion and Battlemaster Bags has been greatly increased, and the direct item trade tokens appear less frequently in Champion Bags. This change allows players to obtain PvP gear at a steady and significantly more predictable rate with an occasional bonus.
i wonder if most of the people crying over and over again have even read the patch notes.
if you have nothing else to do then complain, dont just talk about it and please do go play something else, all the reasonable players will be glad about it.

to me this sounds just like a step in the right direction. it makes t1 pvp gear really easy to obtain at a steady rate.
then, until rank 60 you'll get your occasional t2 item bonus,
and finally, when u reach rank 60 you can complete your t2 in any order you like and still get the t3 battlemaster items at the same rate as people who are battlemaster now did before.

of course this is not yet the perfect solution but to me it looks like they are keeping their promises and reducing the gear power differences over several patches.

keep up the good work bw!