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I'd better grind my next guy to 50 before this patch. I've been enjoying some PVP and saving for 1000/1000 commendations to get 5 bags the day I hit 50 so the gap might not be too bad. With this nerf to Champion drops, I'm going to have to grind Valor from 30 to 60 before I can get anything good.

(My current 50 has 5 pieces of Champion armor at Valor 35, so the nerf is probably good news for him. If you don't have Champion armor pre-patch, you're not going to be getting it anytime soon.
I don't know, you're chances at getting Champion pieces out of those six bags really aren't so great. You might just end up with 18 Centurion Commendations instead. At that point, you would have been better waiting for 1.1.2 and the 'Greatly Increased' number of commendations provided (rather than the 18 you currently have).