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There is a seller on the GTN (Satele Shan) who sells items from several crafting professions (cybertech, armstech, synthweaving, etc.). The seller typically has pages and pages of BiS crafted items/mods for each profession (306s) and each items has the "the maker's name has been worn completely off" label. But here's the kicker, the seller's name is always the same name (I've been very careful to see if there are special chars/accents, and there aren't). Pages and pages, all crafting professions, all 306 items, and all with same seller name and 'worn off" label.

Given the 30-day cooldown to changing a toon's name, and given the one crafting profession per toon limit, how is it possible to have the same seller's name, day after day, week after week, on items across multiple professions simultaneously?

(Note, I've intentionally kept the seller's name out of this, and posted no screenshots - but you can see this anytime if you're on SS)....
What do you mean? Is there a reason the same person wouldn't be able to listed crafted items made by cybertech, synthweaving, artifice, etc?
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