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Most of the builds are fairly obvious from sufficient experience. Stasie's thread is convenient for new players, but most of the variations have been tried by all the veterans already.

And, seriously Nemarus? Are you really implying that people who like to specialized builds for their ships aren't good pilots?
No. I was rebuking the notion that hot-swapping components would cause theorycrafting to triumph over "brute force". I don't know what "brute force" can possibly be referring to except pilot skill. And as for throrycrafting, there are maybe 15 people across all servers who do the work and experimentation to identify the best builds. Everyone else is a follower who can't even seem to take the time to read every tooltip, let alone do simple math.

At least on my server, there were just three of us flying SIM's for a good two months after 2.6 came out. I don't know how a build could be more obvious, and yet only when I explained in a post how I was obliterating everyone did we suddenly see an explosion of SIM's in Domination. It's the same reason I don't go into great detail about any of my builds on public forums anymore. I might hint at something, to invite people to do their own exploration, but I don't believe in playing half the game for people.

I've actually never even looked at Stasie's guide, because it would ruin half the fun for me. I am fine with other players using it, but honestly I think most find it to be information overload. I know it talked about SIM's long before I mentioned them, but on my server, they only spread once I really hammered home why they are so effective, which lead to their being openly discussed and shared on TEH Gsf channels.

I don't know how hot swappable components would change the game, but I know it would not make anyone a better theorycrafter, or make theorycrafting a bigger part of the game. The people who persist in flying bad builds now would still do so. The people who look to others to tell them what to fly would still do so. Those of us who actually figure out what works best for what situation would have slightly more flexibility than we do now (since we could make two Blackbolts, for example), but I don't think it would change much for us. With five ships, good builders and good pilots should be able to handle anything, at least so long as we are stuck with these two game types.

If we got more gametypes, I could see us having different readied bars for each one. But again, the more slots you give people, the more safe they will feel in building a fleet of specialized ships, which (I believe) decrease the chance anyone would build a generalist ship.
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