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As the title states, the Static Barrier is crap, it can't protect you, its one hit and it's gone, one of the main protection abilities that should stop you from dying can't protect you. I dislike bashing devs but seriously, *** are you thinking there? Okay, you think it's enough, but then why in the hell would you create a legendary utility that heals you while the barrier is up if it can't even stay long enough to heal you for even 2%, redesign this retardism. I say give us instead a sin's ability Deflection. I mean c'mon, sorcs are a butter. For those who will brag L2P, yes, I know things aren't that bad, I can survive and have a somewhat decent PvP, but I really dislike this design.... Thanks for reading and may the force serve you well
You're thinking Static Barrier should be a DCD, and with that line of thinking, yeah Static Barrier isn't the best DCD. But that's because it's not trying to be a DCD, nor should it be thought of in such a way. It always has, and will forever be: a heal. Compared to similar options of the other classes, this heal blows the competition away. The following numbers are based on my character's gear.

Static Barrier - Heal: 12866 | Cooldown: 20sec
Shield Probe - Heal: 15746 or 20470 w/ the 30% buff utility | Cooldown: 30sec or 25sec w/ the cooldown reduction utility
Emergency Scan - Heal: 11501 | Cooldown: 18sec | This is an average heal amount accounting for crit% and surge%, and the CD is reduced by alacrity.

The only heal that does more healing to yourself is Shield Probe (but it only does more HPS to yourself if you specced into the 30% extra), and even that's beaten by Static Barrier when you account the fact it lasts 30 sec as opposed to 10, meaning you can start combat already bubbled almost 100% of the time. The ability to use it proactively and the relatively shorter CD, the fact it does it's job regardless of utilities used on it, and the ability to place it on ANYONE vs Shield Probe only being on yourself, means it's one of the most Powerful. Heals. In game. Even as a DPS.

Now as a healer it's even better. You wanna know what makes Sorcs the best effective healers in game? The ability to spam the **** outta Static Barrier. Every GCD you spend on a Static Barrier is a potential 22718 healing. That's 17729 HPS folks, the vast majority of which, if enough damage is going out, will be Effective HPS, which is far more important than raw HPS will ever be. Neither the Operative, nor the Mercenary can spammably put out almost 18k HPS, have it be mostly effective, and still have the energy/heat to keep going. As a healer, I spend about 37.1% of my total time using Static Barrier and it's never shocking to me if ever I see my bubbles as at least, if not more than, 50% of my total healing plus whatever amount Sustaining Darkness actually healed for. Obviously this depends on the fight, but these examples are just to show you that while yes, 13k is a pretty terrible DCD, it is one hell of a heal. So just enjoy the fact you've got a nicer heal than the other classes.

Corrupted Barrier is really nice for when you're out of combat in PvP, meaning you're gaining passive healing while on the move from fight to fight, and don't have to stop to heal yourself up as often or spend force to do so on the run. Outside of that and maybe when the enemy allows you to free cast, you're correct in pointing out it's limited capability in PvP, however, I find there are viable other utilities for me to take anyway, and so this doesn't bother me. Also mostly Corrupted Barrier is taken for the massive heal once Force Barrier is done. Where as in PvE, as a healer, having an extra ~1400 HPS on myself in between taking spike damage from the boss is a nice lil helper that allows me to focus more on others in the raid vs myself.