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As the title states, the Static Barrier is crap, it can't protect you, its one hit and it's gone, one of the main protection abilities that should stop you from dying can't protect you. I dislike bashing devs but seriously, *** are you thinking there? Okay, you think it's enough, but then why in the hell would you create a legendary utility that heals you while the barrier is up if it can't even stay long enough to heal you for even 2%, redesign this retardism. I say give us instead a sin's ability Deflection. I mean c'mon, sorcs are a butter. For those who will brag L2P, yes, I know things aren't that bad, I can survive and have a somewhat decent PvP, but I really dislike this design.... Thanks for reading and may the force serve you well
I don't think Static Barrier is useless at all. Also, it has a really short cooldown and can be applied to other players - something like that obviously shouldn't be as powerful as Deflection (You do have your god bubble, after all). If a utility isn't working for you, don't try to bend the game to fit your choice of utility; spec into something else.

As a PvE player: I find the healing effects to be minuscule and so choose to spec into something else; when I'm tanking, I find Static Barrier making a good difference; so when I'm healing, I try to refresh the tank's Static Barrier as often as possible. Plus a perk of the Corruption spec means that the player gets healed after Static Barrier ends.